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OneAgent installation on Linux - Timeout error


I am new to Dynatrace. While I am trying to install Dynatrace OneAgent for Linux, I am getting the timeout error while using wget command. Tried multiple times & found the same issue. When trying to access the IP of the URL [your_id], we got the error like below. Looks like the Dynatrace server is unavailable to establish connectivity. Kindly direct me to right path to get this resolved


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Parkavi,

first of all you should not share the URL because others might use it and install the agents on your behalf. Your post was already edited.

To reply to your question: check the `nslookup` coomand to resolve the name [your_id] . That sounds like a network issue. Have you tried to download the agent from other hosts ?

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