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OneAgent network outage


Hi all,

Was wondering what happens when the host on which OneAgent is deployed has a network outage. Let's say we had a 10 min outage of network communication.

Does OneAgent cache data locally? Will we get data from the time of the network outage?

I've searched the docs and the forums, but haven't been successful in finding an answer.




yes, network outages will not create gaps in data. all metrics will be updated after the connection is back online.

What's the default location to store the cached data and how large the data capacity to cache?

And How long the OneAgent data local cached synchronize to Server?

Nearly 2 weeks passed, the monitored gap still existed here, so, what's the reason for OneAgent didn't upload cached data when Managed Server fail.

If the whole server failed, the agent was not working either most likely, so for obvious reasons there will be no metrics collected during that time.we are talking ahere about the situation when server and its agent is up and running but there's no connection from agent to the collector (security gateway).

The OneAgent is still running when server failed, but the duration nearly 2 days, and then server restarted. OneAgent reconnect to Server, but local cache day wasn't showed in the 2 days duration.

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