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OneAgent - view server start time


Is there any way to view the server 'Start Time' in OneAgent?

When drilling down into a server, we're able to see:

'Uptime: over 117 days'

Is there a way to see the actual date and time?

In particular, we want to see something similar to what's in Agent Overview in AppMon where it shows the Start Time of all connected servers




Hello Jack,

To the best of my knowledge, the closest you are going to get to the agent overview as it was in AppMon is the Hosts page in Dynatrace. Is there a reason you need the exact date and time of agent startup listed? If there is you can submit an RFE to see if they will add it. In my experience though, with the AI anomaly detection, there should no longer be a need to see how long your host has been up as it notifies you of any loss of connection with them.


David Nicholls

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