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Oracle Database Extension - "No keepalive from datasource" error


Hi guys, I am testing on the Oracle Database extension. 

After added the Oracle endpoint and established the connection, an error "No keepalive from datasource sqlOracle. Restarting" kept showing and the metric collected in incomplete.

Any configuration can be done on Dynatrace to solve it?



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


I did the integration before and no additional configuration is needed.

Please revert to the Database team to inderstand and try to find something.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hey @Starhut did you manage to solve this maybe? We'll really appreciate if you share with the Community your solution 😊 and if you didn't, hopefully the right person sees this post and jumps in with an answer for you 😉

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Hi @Ana_Kuzmenchuk , I have raised a support ticket. Will update you again.

I have the same problem. If anyone has a solution i would be grateful for a hint 😊

My team encountered an identical problem on our client env.

We have an open ticket. If I know more, I will let you know 🙂

Have a nice day!


To update on what we have done: 

1. check on parameter SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME 

2. remove and configure the extension again.

3. update the extension to latest version 

4. Research on keepalive setting in DB server and found that it is always on automatically in server by default. 

After all the changes above, error still there. Now, we are looking for a new direction on troubleshooting this issue.