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Override service level threshold with key request


Hi --

We have a service with a static response time degradation threshold of 1s before it should send an alert. This works great, but for one our endpoints that we know will take longer to process I've made a key request with a static response time threshold of 2s. I thought this would remove this endpoints response times from the overall service level metric, but it didn't and we're still receiving alerts based on the 1s threshold for all dynamic web requests. 


Is there a proper way to complete this ask? I only want to be alerted about when this one endpoint exceeds 2s median response time, while the rest of the endpoints would default to the 1s at the service level configuration. 



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello @shanepatzlsberg,

On your case, the best way for me is using baseling "Automatic detection mode" at your service level. And a custom threshold on your key request with a fix threshold.

If the automatic detection is too much sensitive for your service, you should try to adapt the "all requests absolute and relative thresholds" or "slowest 10% thresholds" to customize to your need :


Some tips here :


Regards Aurélien


Observability consultant - Dynatrace Associate/Pro/Services certified

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Hello @shanepatzlsberg ,

first, you need to make sure that the changes have been reflected successfully, by checking the messages related to overriding the environment settings, you can find the following screenshots from easytravel app as an example. and if the issue is still the same, I would suggest raising a support ticket for this case




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