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Process Group Azure Webapp


I have some WebApps that are from different environments, but are grouped with the same name. The process has the same name. I need to make a detection rule, but I don't see a property that I can use. The group process does not accept the Azure web app host name and
Azure web app website. Can you help me understand if there is any way to split this?

For example:
Processo Group = Mobile.RV.Management.BFF.SSE.dll

I have three processes, for different applications, app1, app2 e app3 And they are all inside this process group.
At this moment we do not have any attributes, apart from "Azure web app host name" and "Azure web app site name", to use in the process group detection rule. Is there anything that can be done to separate these processes by application?

Thank you



Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate

I recommend using DT_TAGS to label your Azure Web Apps, setting them as environment variables alongside OneAgent's DT_TENANT, DT_API_TOKEN, DT_API_URL, and optionally DT_SSL_MODE. Tag your apps with identifiers like "webapps:prod1" or "group2" to suit your needs. These tags automatically link to relevant services and process groups, enabling streamlined filtering and organization within Dynatrace, enhancing your management efficiency.

I would do as @JoseRomero  suggests

Have a nice day!

My suggestion is to use the variables associated with Release Monitoring and this way you can benefit from this functionality


How are you guys? Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up using DT_CUSTOM_CLUSTER_ID, passing a prefix "az-webapp" and created a process group detection rule. This met the need.

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