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Process group and command line args




I have the following use case, multiple process running with different arguments :


/bin/bash ./ -help -file=/tmp/projet1
/bin/bash ./ -help -file=/tmp/projet2
/bin/bash ./ -help -file=/tmp/projet3


I have in the top consumers, the process group : "bash"


I would like to separate the process are the do not belong to the same project :

I created  a "Declarative process grouping" : MyBatchProcess, with the rules :




So, it works. I see in the process list : MyBatchProcess instead of "bash"
Now I would like to split the process group into single process :




So I add : Advanced detection rules :
- if EXE is bash
- extract from command line args, from "file=/tmp/"


But it's not working...
Any ideas ?
Other things, not sure that the rules : $contains(-file=) works well. It seems to work like $contains(file=) but I didn't see any indication that the arguments is not a "simple" string

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Be careful not to mix things.

Declarative grouping, used in your first part, does not work for processes that have deep monitoring enabled. So fits the purpose you try to achieve.

Advanced process group detection rules, as I think you use in the second part, enable you to adapt the detection logic for deep monitored processes, only. And that does not apply.


You will have to stick to Declarative Process grouping, with its limitations.
If your "projectN" instances are a fixed set, you can add an entry for each.
I however advise to go by the API path then, especially if there are more then 3 entities.
Unfortunately regex and such to match on every possible occurrence is not possible yet.

I was thinking of the DT_CLUSTER_ID environment that you could set, but I think that only works with deep monitored processes.


Also have a look at this topic:

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner




Very clear answer. It totally explains all the things.


Is someone aware of a plan to add the feature "extract something" for the process group detection of the declarative process grouping ? Or for automatic tagging


Thanks !

If somebody hasn't done it already, you could always file it as Product Idea 🙂

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner


on the same topic, I have many JVMs in my system and we would like to extract the process "Command line args" then parse this and extract the JVM min and max heap and we want to check if the it -agent argument. Finally we want to plot those for each JVM to see what has changed in this JVM after the new deployment if any. Basically to do quality check each time. Any idea if this is possible in DT, the process is already deep monitored and hosts are in full stack. I appreciate any reply.

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