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Pure path Count


Hi I'd like to ask a question about pure path count.

I need a total count of one specific pure-path during the specific period but as I know current dynatrace support only a recent 100 pure path. So please let me know how can I check total count of specific pure path.



Hi Minguen,

In the Service Details page for the Service of interest, if you click on the Throughput tab, it should tell you the Total number of requests for each of the requests that belong to that service for the timeframe selected. You should see the request you are interested in there. Another option is to mark the request you want to get the total purepath count for as a key request and then you can chart this on a custom chart and see the count there.



Hey NJ,

It looks like it just gives a rate rather than an absolute count on the chart while the table has the absolute count for the period. Is there a way to 'chart' the count like you could in AppMon?


Hey Chase,

That is correct. I do not believe you can chart the absolute service count anywhere in the WebUI. The API does expose the absolute count so that is an option to do something more custom to get that data.



Thanks NJ! There is an RFE for this, I'll link it when I find it again.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Dynatrace does capture more than 100 PurePaths, its the PurePath list that shows the last 100 PurePath based on the filter provided. If you change the filters it will still show 100 if the result is at least as big as 100.

This is because you cannot manually view all of them anyhow. This is why we have a lot of advanced analysis in the product that do that for you.

All other analysis (Response Time Analysis, Outlier Analysis, Failure Analysis, Service Flow, Backtrace, Method hotspot) will look at all of them.


Was there an RFE for this? Did it ever get implemented?

We have a use case here where we have to monitor a 1:1 ratio between messages in, processed by a bean, and then messages out. I'm able to see request counts either in multidimensional analysis or in a key request page, but I'd like to create a chart on it, and more importantly create a custom alert for this process.

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