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Reduce the number of Service Metrics created


Hello Community,


I have a problem in hand where are ending up creating too many metrics and trying to find a way to reduce that number.


We have an application with 10 different pages and on each page we can capture 4 different type of errors like business, technical, web, onscreen etc.

Now our business users want to see the occurrence of each error type by page over time in a dashboard.


So we have created RA's(Request Attribute) to capture 4 different types of errors and 1 RA to capture all 10 page names.


Now to show what business wants we are ending up creating 40 service metrics using combinations of error type and page as below

Business error, pagename = A

Technical error, pagename = A

Web error, pagename = A

Onscreen error, pagename = A

Business error, pagename = B

Technical error, pagename = B

Web error, pagename = B




So kindly advice if there is any better way of doing it? Thanks for your help in advance.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you can create at the application level a set of session and user action properties. this will then allow you to set tiles that look at the number of users that qualified for that and compare it over time. 


Just another way of doing it if the user actually sees an error on the page 


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