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SaaS and Managed Synth HTTP Monitor fails on obsolete security - SSL communication error



Can one suggest regarding SaaS & Manager HTTP synthetic monitor

In our test env to use RUM/NAM traffic analysis we had to downgrade MS IIS security settings to

Connection - obsolete connection settings

The connection to this site uses TLS 1.2 (a strong protocol), RSA (an obsolete key exchange), and AES_256_GCM (a strong cipher).

In other words, we disabled all Diffie-Hellman key-echange as it was discussed at

But now Saas and Managed HTTP Synthetic monitor fails on obsolete security connection settings https protocol 😞 - with "SSL communication error".

How to ask HTTP Synthetic monitor to accept MS IIS obsolated security settings-

HTTP v1.1 + TLS v1.2 with all DH disabled (TLS 1.2 RSA AES_256_GCM) ?





Here is details. Active gateway is running on CentOS and related Location is defined.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

What version of ActiveGate are you using?

All seams to be latest on ActiveGate host:

Installed ActiveGate version: 1.157

Host is monitored. Dynatrace OneAgent is up-to-date on version 1.157

According to support fix is planed for near future ActiveGate release...

Will wait for it.Let know results here.

Thanks to everybody helped with this issue!


Hi Igor, please create a support ticket at

There have been some important updates to the ciphers and security settings supported by HTTP monitors in ActiveGate v159 but it needs to be verified if this particular situation is covered.

Done *****18453

Now in Dynatrace Gateway
http check is working with MS IIS obsolated security

Case solved. Many thabks!

Dynatrace support is very willing and capable to help! I am impressed. Keep up good job!

picture is here:

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