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Search for a specific string on a web page


We would like to be able to check for a specific text string on a website to confirm the website is up and serving the correct pages. e.g. we put a maintenance page on a webserver so the normal content was not available but obvisouly the webserver appears to be up as the webserver was serving documents albeit it a maintenance page.

If we could search for a specific text string which is normally on the web page we know the correct content is being serverd. Hope that makes sense.

Can this be done with Dynatrace please?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

For this use case i would use a synthetic test (browser) that allow you to search for a specific content/text on a concrete page (step).

If the test is not found, an outage can be defined and you will get notified if you wish so!

Hope i understand your use case properly!

Thank You Arturo. This confirms I was on the right path.

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