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Trace and Log monitoring

Hello community,


I have enabled the log monitoring v2 for an entire enviroment, I have then enabled the Oneagent feature for enrichment of logs&trace [mainly JAVA and .NET] and asked for a restart of the Jboss application server where I'm catching the logs.


I'm still looking for some pure path with associated enriched log traces but I can find none.


Maybe this is not an automatic process (as I understood) and I need to undertake more steps to make this happen?

Whomever might have some experience I'd like to share some 🙂

Thank you


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@y_buccellato this depends on several factors. I assume you enabled all flags required (OneAgent features). Actually Log Monitoring v2 is not required for the IDs to be written in the logs. for most importantly your logging library in the application server. For some log formats (unstructured logs), you need to explicitly change the log format to include the trace and span id. Dynatrace does this automatically only for structured log formats such as JSON or XML where such change won't have any impact on any existing 3rd party log parsers.

Be sure to check this doc page and validate your prerequisites such as logging formats used or libraries.

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