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Using labels to tag an entity


i have  kubernetes namespace:- oneplus-asia-prod-abc which has the below label associated with it,

i want to use this label as a tag value for the namespace entity 

so that i can use this tag in the payload of problem notification 

or how can i use the labels of the above entity in the payload of problem notification 


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hey @VENKY1544 have a look at our Organize K8s Deployments by Tags Documentation. This will explain how you can import you pre-existing labels & annotations on the K8s objects, and use them in Dynatrace.

HI @bsnurka 

I'm able to tag the services and processgroups but i want to tag is the entities like pods containers, workloads with these labels and annotations and use them in the payload in problem notification as "Tags":"{Tags}"

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