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What does "Highest consumption of service resources" refer to in the Database dashboard?

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Under Current hotspots, I am seeing a particular SQL statement exhibiting "Highest consumption of service resources 33%". Drilling down into the SQL statement, I cannot find any metric that indicates that a consumption of 33% of resources.

What does this resource in the hotspots refer to?

  • CPU, memory (infra components) resources within the DB server?
  • Response time?
  • Number of requests (load, throughput)?
  • The resources of the different Services calling this DB statement (the caller)?

Seeing this hotspot, how can I further drill down to understand what resources are contributing to this hotspot, or maybe even find the root cause of the 33% consumption of resources?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


This is a relative calculation of the overall time consumption that is monitored. We take the sum of all time spent in the database by a particular statement and relate it to the total sum. In the displayed picture 33% of all time spent in the database is contained in the depicted select. The same "metric" is displayed in the Top Statement tables in the details screens as the bar.

When you click the statement you'll get the details chart. Now it either is a statement that has very high response time on average or is executed very often. This is not an error situation, if you would only execute a single type of database statement than it would use 100% of the consumed resources.

What it does mean is that if you are looking to optimize time spent in the database than this statement is the best way to start as it has the highest potentional.

Hi @Michael K., can you point out where exactly is the Top Statement tables and where I can find that metric you're talking about? I don't see it anywhere...


Hey Miguel,

If you have a specific DB you're interested in, you can go to Databases -> Select your DB -> Click the "More" button near "Analyze outliers" -> Go to "View top database statements"
If you want to view the top statements across all DBs, you can simply go to Databases -> "View Top Database Statements" in the top-right

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