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What does the Process percent line reflect on Connectivity tab of Process?


I'm looking at a process for a specific host and I'm looking at the tabs on the chart which are CPU, Memory, Traffic, Retransmissions, and Connectivity. Each of them will always have a Host percent line and a Process percent line. When I select the Connectivity tab the host line (without selecting a process) shows 100%. When I select a process (any process) it shows host 100% and process 100%. Can you tell me what that means?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You should be happy that you have 100% connectivity.

The definition below:

Connectivity Percentage of properly established TCP connections compared to TCP connections that were refused or timed out.  Note: The Connectivity measure can be used as an indicator of whether there's network traffic on a host. 

Note, however, that 0% connectivity doesn't necessarily indicate that there is a problem with a host. Assuming no TCP errors are present, it may simply mean that no users have attempted to connect to the host process during the selected timeframe.

Note that Dynatrace monitors only selected processes, so it's expected that on some hosts that metric breakdowns won't add up to 100%.

Have a nice day!


Thanks Radoslaw J. I think I was conflicted by what you referred to in your second note. Without that reference I had trouble thinking if 100% meant good then 0% would mean terrible. That's when I questioned the chart and went to the forum. So thank you for pointing out to me that it could mean two things 0% only means bad if TCP errors are present otherwise it probably means no traffic. Thanks again!


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