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Can I test that the monitor signal passes through my infrastructure?


Documentation: Real User Monitoring-> How do I enable reak user monitoring, under section "Can I test that the monitor signal passes through my infrastructure?"

What does the <ID> field refer to in

<your hostname>/rx_<ID>?$



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The <ID> is your environment id. If you look at the Dynatrace UI and your browser, this is the part before the "". The easiest way to find out the correct url for the check is:

  1. open the developer tools of your browser and look for an XHR Post request which starts with rb_<ID>
  2. for example:
  3. copy the url of this request and add the query string: ?type=check (example:
  4. you should get a response with status 200 and some text like that: "state=ok&agentType=nginx&agentVersion="
  5. as long as "state=ok" is in there, then the beacon (monitoring signal) is ok.

Please note, the "rx" from the documentation is outdated. We will update it. This check is only for auto injected applications when using the Dynatrace OneAgent. If you use agentless monitoring this approach is not needed, as the monitoring signal (beacon) is going from the browser to the Dynatrace infrastructure.


@Alexander S. Hi Alexander, that worked thank you.

One question is the ?type=check request is reporting an agentVersion less than the UI is reporting (UI reporting: Host is monitored. Dynatrace OneAgent is up-to-date on version 1.119), check above is reporting (state=ok&agentType=java&agentVersion=

Any idea why?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Perhaps this particular process was not restarted and therefore is still using the older version?
If not, please open a support issue as we then can help you better. I would need your environment details to check whats going on here.



I'm using Dynatrace Managed, which URL should I use ? is the URL of the monitored application or of the Dynatrace Cluster ?

What if the monitored application is using a context ?


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