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Filter external services from page load time and apdex


Our web pages are full of third party scripts that our online marketing folks require. Many of them are slower than we'd like, but their loading is async from the user experience and has little or no impact on UX. However DT shows them as part of the page loading time, meaning our load times and Apdex are artificially low (and therefore ignored as a "false negatives"). Is there any way we can filter out specific scripts and libraries from the load time?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi, All resources which starts loading before the browsers loadEventEnd are included in the Action duration. Depending on the application this might or might not have an influence on the user experience. Currently there is no way to exclude or filter out this scripts. What we plan to implement is a possibility to choose which is the "main" performance metric for your application. This "main" metric will then be used for the calculation of the apdex, for the anomaly detection and is displayed as primary metric in all info graphics like the action duration now. For example you can then define the Document interactive as your "main" metric.

Definition of the action duration: Action duration: (loadEventEnd or endTimeOfLastXHR) - actionStart

  • actionStart = navigationStart for pages loads or "click time" for XHR actions and user navigations like a button click or click on a link
  • endTimeOfLastXHR = if XHR calls are triggered during the process and are not finished before loadEventEnd then the end time of the last XHR call is used instead of the loadEventEnd time

This would be very useful also to our usecase. We are monitoring an API call that replies with a JSON workload so no HTML is involved and we don't really care about the time taken to render the payload in the browser since.. there is no browser. Right now web checks report a time that is not really what we need, we can dig down to the time are interested in but the dashboard tile is not really useful at the moment for what concerns response time.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

@Giovanni Paolo G.This is perfect use case for an enhancement request. Can you create one? Would it not be better for your API use case to add API or Ping checks with content validation? I don't think you really need a full blown browser availability check and just requesting the API calls, get the metrics and validate the content would be sufficient. Of course you still can assign this API check to an application (if needed).

Yes, that is exactly what we need. I guess it is not possible to create an API check right now. Am I correct? I'll create an enhancement request right now

Currently not, but we have it on the roadmap and the enhancement request creates will but more attention on that use case.

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