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How to add Dynatrace as a library or as a framework for IOS Carthage instrumentation?

Based on documentation depending on the iOS platform you will choose to add Dynatrace as a Framework or as a Library for IOS mobile app monitoring:

-For iOS 8+ apps, use the

-For iOS 6+ apps, use the static

I have seen for both Cocoapods and Manual instrumentation how you add Dynatrace as a framework or as a Library, but for Carthage I dont know how to add Dynatrace as a framework or as a library, how does it work for Carthage?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I made a research and it seems that Carthage doesn't support iOS 7 or earlier. due to dynamic frameworks are only supported from iOS 8, so you will not have iOS apps with 7 or lower with Carthage. Dynatrace will be added as a framework for Cathage.

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