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Hybrid mobile app monitoring with Dynatrace



We are using dynatrace Gradle plugin to instrument our mobile app which is based on react native framework. However, all the user actions are not captured by this method. It only capture native app actions. There are no XHR calls captured from web view.

We are thinking to make use of manual JS Injection like we do for web app to capture xhr calls. In this way we will be having to application one for native action (where the traffic come from auto instrumentation) and another one for Web view (where traffic come from manually JS injected pages). We tried this and it captured few XHR calls from web view but not all.

Is this correct or acceptable approach?

Is there any other way to capture the XHR calls from web view?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If your hybrid app uses cordova framework than you may be able to use this plugin:

If you are not using cordova, you should try manual instrumentation. The issue is that, dynatrace by default catch only user actions that results with WebRequest. If you have some 3rd party framework that is making http requests it is possible that by default you will not see those actions and you will have to create custom user actions using adk.


Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Ok just for clarification: You have a React Native app and this application uses a real webview additionally besides the React stuff? We currently have an EAP running for React Native where you get more insight but we didn't test the additional webview yet. (But I Imagine that after including the JSAgent, things work pretty good)

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