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Instrument hybrid app


Hello all,

I have a hybrid mobile application for Android and IOs.

How can i to instrument this applications without to use the Cordova plugin?

We have seen this, are there any progress about this? or any documentation?


Jose A


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Basically the Cordova Plugin is something that automates the process of getting everything setup. So of course you can do it manually as well:

  1. In the WebUI proceed with the Cordova Application (created connected Web Application), even if you don't have a Cordova Application.
  2. Take the JSAgent URL from the dynatrace.config file and download the JSAgent. Include this snippet in the index.html of your hybrid application.
  3. Instrument the Application with the Android Auto Instrumentor using properties like DTXHybridApplication and DTXSetCookiesForDomain.

This is a rough explanation about what has to happen in order to get a successful instrumentation. I don't think there is a documentation about this.

What framework do you use?

Thank you very much Matthias

I don't know, it's a different development team, I'm going to check it out.
Will we have to consider something according to the framework used?

Best regards.

Jose A

No, but it would probably help me to give you more details.

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