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Is the Dynatrace mobile ADK library same as AppMon?

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

A customer wants to send custom value using the iOS agent for Dynatrace. Can they use the same methods like reportValueWithName in Dynatrace to capture the custom values? If so, where will this data be visible in the UI?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Asad,

the iOS and Android agent are identical for Dynatrace and AppMon. Therefore manual instrumentation is possible.

But please be aware that currently reported values will not be visible in Dynatrace at all except for tagging users: Tagging mobile users


Hi Dominik,

Is there a way to manually initialize the ADK for Dynatrace - i.e. what's the Dynatrace equivalent of [DynatraceUEM startupWithApplicationName:...]?

the manual startup call does not work with Dynatrace. We discourage the use of the manual startup call as you might miss events, because with the automatic startup the agent is started directly when the agent library is loaded.

iOS help:

Thanks for the reply @Patrick H.. Are there plans on including the manual startup call in a future release?

I've found that when instrumenting certain hybrid apps (a recent example was Kony on iOS), the manual startup call was needed otherwise the ADK just wouldn't initialize with the auto-instrumentor.

We are working on a more flexible way to configure the mobile agent, therefore I currently can't give any predictions if manual startup will be available for Dynatrace.

iOS help:

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