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Need help with auto instrumentation of a mobile hybrid application


Dear Support,

In our environment we have a mobile application which uses pages based on 2 different technologies. Part of the pages are based on HTML/Omniscript, the rest of them using React Native technologies. Please help me understand the possibility of doing an auto instrumentation of the app binary for the iOS flavour of the mobile app. Will it still work fine in capturing the health of the HTML pages alone?

I do understand that React Native is not yet supported out of the box by Dynatrace.

Thanks & Regards,




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Rangapriya,

What do you mean by "Will it still work fine in capturing the health of the HTML pages alone?".

Auto-Instrumentation will only touch the native code. To somehow instrument React Native you would need to use some kind of Module that makes it possible to at least do manual instrumentation. There are already some users out there who tried to do so. (Google after React Native Dynatrace Plugin) - But all of those pieces are not supported and I believe not maintained.

As already said by you, we don't have (yet) official support for React Native. We are working on it.



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