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Post logs from a mobile application


Hi Colleagues, We are using Dynatrace to instrument the mobile application. Is it possible to share the log from Android ADB via an API, if yes then how?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You could use the Log Monitoring APIs Ingest Endpoint, but that's probably not a good idea with a (limited) mobile connection.

Instead you can use the OneAgent SDK vor Andoird  (or iOS) to report values, errors or events for the information you want to have in dynatrace.



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In API ingestion, how can i get the value of fields  activegate domain and environment id

 https://{your-activegate-domain}:9999/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v2/logs/ingest, while creating the app we only get the beacon url eg



If i use oneAgent SDK. 

 Can we switch on/off the oneAgent SDK reporting on will  as we don't want it to log in production unless there is an issue reported ?

Domain would be the same as the beacon URL, the environment ID you can get from your dynatrace URL when you are in the environment. More Information in the Docs.


Probably not possible with a flag you enable on the fly. But if you report only error events, you could leave it on all the time anyway.

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