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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

A vulnerability might be identified incorrectly. Possible reasons for false positives include:

  • The extracted information from the software component isn't correct and a wrong library was identified (for example, due to wrong information in the pom.xml file).
  • The identified version of the library has a version string (or a well-known identifier) that was incorrectly parsed or compared. If you see any false positive results, please open a support ticket to help us improve Application Security monitoring.

  • A vulnerability in a certain library is only exploitable if used in combination with a particular runtime version, but the application with the library is run using a different runtime version. You can mute the vulnerability for the process groups where a different runtime version is used.

For more information on how to identify false positives, query the relevant process for information via API, and mute false positives, see Reported vulnerability is considered as a false positive.

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