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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


Whether you use Data explorer or Dashboards classic or even pull metrics via our API. You might have encountered a situation where as soon as you apply a Management zone filter your metric data disappears and "No data" message appears like here: 


If you switch back to "All" Management zone filter the data is visible again.

Root cause

There could be 3 reasons why you see "No data":

  1. No entity matches the filters applied when Management zone is activated
  2. Management zone rules do not match metric Entity type
  3. Metric does not have a topology based dimension (dt.entity.XXXX)


I'd always recommend to check our doc page that explains how to create Management zone rules so that your metric data is included:

A short summary of what would need to be checked:

  1. Check if your metric has Entity type:


  2. Check if your metric has Entity type that matches your Management zone rule: 
  3. Check if your metric has a topology dimension(if Entity type is defined but there is no data assigned to given entity then filter based on this entity will still not work):


If your metric does not have Entity type it would not be possible to match the data based on entity selector Management zone rules. For this scenario the suggestion is to either define the Entity type in metric metadata( or create dimensional rules for the Management zone.

If all of the above fail to explain why data is missing please create a support ticket with the following information:

  • Provide Data explorer link with specified timeframe:


  • Provide a link to your Management zone settings
  • If using Data explorer in Advanced mode provide your metric selector query:


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