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πŸŽ₯ A Practitioners Guide to Dynatrace AppEngine

Community Team
Community Team

At Perform 2023, Dynatrace revealed Dynatrace AppEngine, enabling users to create custom, compliant, and intelligent data-driven apps. AppEngine brings logic to data, thus offering users myriad new ways to get value from data using the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform.

In this Observability Clinic with Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner, Dirk Wallerstorfer @dirk_wall and Stefan Wasserbauer @sw provide a technical view of how AppEngine works, how Apps can extend the Dynatrace platform with custom use cases, and give you tips & tricks on how to get started with building your own apps.

We discussed many links today – here they're:
Dynatrace Developer Portal: 
More Dynatrace Tutorials: 
Dynatrace App Spotlights: 
Dynatrace DPS: 

Chapter list:
00:00 – Introduction
03:12 – What you will learn today
03:20 – Dynatrace with AppEngine
05:36 – Go on a journey – at our own pace
11:11 – Top Use Cases
16:21 – The AppEngine Experience
19:26 – Live Demo
57:19 – More to learn

LINK to the webinar on Dynatrace University

Have questions about creating Apps? Visit the Developer forum.

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