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🎥 Dynatrace Tips & Tricks - Episode #15 - SLO Error Budget Burn Rate Based Alerting

Community Team
Community Team

In Episode 15 of our Dynatrace Community practices with Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner Anton Freyberg @anton_freyberg walks us through some tips and tricks on how to define SLOs on system boundaries, how to set up error budget-based alerting, and how that allows everyone to react faster to those problems that can really impact business.

Links discussed in this session:
Dynatrace Blog: 
More on SLIs / SLOs: Explain, Define, Implement and Scale SLOs in less than 60 Minutes


Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - Benefit of SLO-based monitoring and alerting
01:48 - What you're going to learn today
02:20 - Terminology
02:30 - SLO/SLI
03:59 - Error Budget Burn Rate
05:59 - Let Davis understand your problem domain
06:07 - Define SLOs on your system boundaries
08:42 - Reduce noise
10:37 - Get alerts fast, with all AI power!
12:22 - LIVE DEMO

The recording is also available on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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