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🎥 Dynatrace Tips & Tricks - Episode #16 - Dynatrace Tenant Review

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


Episode 16 of our Dynatrace Community practices with Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner walks us through the "Dynatrace Tenant Review" dashboard. This assistant helps you get the maximum value of the Dynatrace Platform by guiding you through Dynatrace configuration best practices.

In this session, Thomas Contassot @thomas_c showcases the capabilities of the Dynatrace Tenant Review (DTR) dashboard as an assistant that automatically validates your Dynatrace Tenant against common Dynatrace Configuration best practices. It calculates a tenant configuration score and lists recommendations to incrementally improve your Dynatrace configuration. Thomas also walks through the lessons learned as he built this advanced dashboard. He covers how to use variables best, how to leverage TypeScript, how to access the Dynatrace API via the TypeScript SDK, and more!

Links discussed in our session:

GitHub Repository
Doc for Dynatrace Dashboards
Code Variables
Code Tiles
Dynatrace Developer Portal
Dynatrace Developer Forum

Chapter List:

00:00 - Introduction
00:56 - What you’re going to learn today
01:18 - Dynatrace Tenant Review
02:20 - Demo of Dynatrace Tenant Review

The recording is also available on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Awesome works. Thanks 😀

Observability Engineer at Phenisys - Dynatrace Professional

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