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πŸŽ₯ Introducing Monaco 2.0 – Dynatrace Configuration as Code

Community Team
Community Team

Monitoring, or better Observability Configuration, needs to be expressible as Code in order to scale and automate into DevOps platforms enabling a true shift-left approach of managing observability configuration like managing source code.

Dynatrace has been a pioneer in open-sourcing Monaco 1.0 (Monitoring as Code) years ago. As Dynatrace has evolved from monitoring to an observability platform, it was time to rethink and expand Monaco towards all aspects of Observability configuration.

To learn more In this observability clinic where Nico Riedmann @nico_riedmann , Sr. Software Engineer at Dynatrace, does a Recap on Monitoring as Code, gives a deep dive into Monaco 2.0 Features, and does an extensive best practice end-2-end demo of integrating Monaco into your automation practices.

Here are the relevant links discussed:
Monaco V1 Observability Clinic:
Monaco V2 Documentation:
Monaco GitHub Repo:
Download Monaco:
Terraform Observability Clinic:

Chapter List:
00:00 – Introduction
00:48 – What you'll learn today
02:05 – Why Monitoring as Code?
03:56 – Configurate Dynatrace as Code
07:00 – When to choose Terraform or Monaco?
09:14 – What is Monaco 2.0
11:35 – Commands of Monaco 2.0
13:24 – Projects and Manifests
14:57 – Structured Configuration in Monaco 2.0
19:08 – General Support for Settings 2.0
20:30 – Demo Overview
22:34 – LIVE Demo
48:40 – Outlook
52:00 – Appendix

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great Session! Thank you @andreas_grabner and @nico_riedmann 



Hi @andreas_grabner AgataWlodarczyk

We want to deploy Managed cluster infrastructure components end to end using infrastructure as a code.
Be it Managed cluster nodes, Active Gates, One Agent installations or any other configuration that we do using UI.

Can Monaco supports end to end IaC capabilities or either Terraform or Pulumi ?

Any lead would be really helpful here with the documentations.


Nitesh Anand

@nanand3 Monaco (Configuration as code) allows you to deploy, manage and automate Dynatrace configuration only. For deployment of components such as OneAgents, ActiveGates, you need to use different tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Terraform or others. 

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

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