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🎥 The Practitioners Guide to Grail, DQL, App Engine - Automation without Boundaries with Dynatrace

Community Team
Community Team

In 2022 #Dynatrace Grail removed the boundaries of previously siloed managed observability data: logs, metrics, traces, security, events, and real users. It opened the path for new innovation presented at Dynatrace Perform 2023 under the theme “Cloud without boundaries”!

In this Observability Clinic, Michael Winkler @michaelwinkler  and Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner walk you through practical use cases on what “A Day without Boundaries with Dynatrace” can look like covering all major announcements from Perform 2023 including extensions to Grail and DQL, Notebook, Dashboard, AutomationEngine, AppEngine, Site Reliability Guardian and more.

Read up on all the announcements we made:
Dynatrace Query Language (DQL):
Expansion of Grail:
Dynatrace Notebook:

Chapter List:
00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – What you will learn today
01:57 – Perform 2023 Recap
04:08 – Expansions to Grail & DQL
06:18 – Analytics without Boundaries
09:27 – DEMO – New Dynatrace UI
10:17 – DEMO - Notebooks
18:27 – DEMO – Dashboards
22:46 – Automation without Boundaries
25:58 – DEMO – Workflows
35:56 – Every Use Case without Boundaries
39:40 – DEMO – Site Reliability Guardian (Apps)
48:11 – Roadmap to GA


- - -
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When passion meets people magic and innovation happen.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Such a great demo on the new features coming out! 


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