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Alert when the average transfer rate (in and/or out) exceeded threshold 80%

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I'm wounding if it is possible to create alert based on the following requirement:  

For at least one network interface, the average transfer rate (in and/or out) exceeded threshold 80% of the peak bandwidth of the interface during the last sample interval.

This functionality is available by default in Splunk, however I cannot find any information in DT documentation. 

I will appreciate any help, 

Thanks in advance


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Depending on whether Dynatrace is collecting this information in your environment this is possible through Metric Events or Custom Alerts

Metric Events in a nutshell should allow you to configure certain thresholds based on criteria that you set, and whether this information is being ingested by Dynatrace. Depending on what you want to monitor, this might require some additional configurations and testing for you to determine what you want to alert on. 

Metric Events:

In addition, you can also configure custom alerts, depending on constraints that you set for the problem. Custom alerts enable you to enable your alerting on any of the user-defined thresholds that are set. They can be set for any Dynatrace metric, but do keep in mind that they aren't correlated or modified by Davis, even though they are automatically alerted on.

Custom alerts:

Hope this helps!


Taylor Sanchez

Dynatrace ACE Services Consultant

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