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Vaadin Framework Support

Hello, coming from SUP-71650: our main business application is based on the Java/Vaadin framework (frontend UI). Ruxit is enabled for the app and Dynatrace Agents installed on all infrastructure components (load balancers, nginx reverse proxies, open...

Adding metadata to user session using RUM API

Are there any possibilities to add additional metadata into user session in Dynatrace or how to override the built-in ones? WIth the RUM API (dtrum) it seems just the identifyUser() is available and other methods are basically for identifying particu...

Resolved! multiple unique ID and crash details

Hi,We are working on instrumentation of a mobile app with Dynatrace SDK (RUM) and developers have some several questions. Dynatrace SDK & Firebase Crashlytics can report the crash details at the same time or only one SDK can capture the crash details...

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user action with different XHR results

Hello, I have an application that uses an external login provider, if you stop at this login page or enter a wrong password on that page Dynatrace will show: The user action as XHR to this third party URL in a few ms But if the login goes ok, then dy...

RUM and PurePaths are not joining

We've installed Dynatrace Managed server to monitor IIS, MSSQL backend and React SPA frontend. IIS and the Application are hosted on the same server. We can capture user sessions without any problems, we can also see the backend transactions such as ...


Exception Analysis/Understanding Required

Dear All,There is an exception java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with the message 'null'. What is this exception?What can be the business impact of this exception?Is this because of the WAS?Is this because of the Oracle?Is this because of the ...