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Resolved! Dynatrace associate exam preparation

Hello,i know there are already discussions about it but i'm preparing for the exam and before doing it i want at least to be sure that i'm doing in the right way.i'm passing the mocking test in DT University with good marks but it doesn't give me tha...

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CA API Gateway - Agent Installation steps

Hello Folks !I try found some informations about install Dynatrace on CA API Gateway (Formely Layer 7 Gateway) but I do not found on any place a step by step. Because of that I will provide the steps I did to configure Dynatrace agent on gateway. Cop...

Resolved! W3C tracestate and X-Dynatrace

Hello,I have noticed that the tracestate is not used by dynaytrace, is this a deliberate design choice or will the X-dynatrace header be placed there in the future? Also when both traceparent and x-Dynatrace are available, what is the preference to s...

Resolved! Dynatrace Davis Power in your Car!

We had a Use Case where upper level management wanted to be able to get a morning report while they are driving into work. As you can imagine, safe driving is paramount. So we wanted to ensure that the driver could easily interact with Dynatrace whil...

Resolved! Pro Tip - Maximizing the Markdown Tile

Have you tried Markdown tiles yet? If you haven't you have no idea what you are missing! Markdown Tiles are a great way to provide extra information outside of the custom charts on the dashboard. This provides a one stop shop for monitoring both with...

Activegate Extensions

When developing ActiveGate Extensions, there are some important references on Dynatrace's site. There are also some users that have contributed some of their Extensions publicly, and I have seen them referenced at times in the Community. Given that I...

Resolved! Dynatrace Efficiencies, and optimizations

Hello allI would like to know the Dynatrace efficiencies and optimization KPIs we can potentially obtain once time Dynatrace is up and running. For instance, resolution times of incidents will be decreased.Also I would like to know the features that ...

Resolved! Dynatrace Perform 2020!

We are 16 days from Dynatrace Perform 2020! Hot days and Free Certifications are filling up fast! if you haven't booked your tickets do so!

Resolved! Changing the name of the Data Center for the hosts

Do you want to configure the name of the data center for your hosts on the Dynatrace portal? This can be easily done by just entering the Public IP of the Data Center or the Range of IP's that you want to be mapped to the Data Center.

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