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Resolved! Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin

There are multiple variants how to validate SSL certificates and alert on expiry. I've taken a look at all of them and missed a lack of automation. I therefor created another one that hopefully overcomes some of the limitations and is easier to use i...

SaaS Plugin password encryption

How does Dynatrace store the extension/plugin passwords? Encryption via what? At rest and in transmission? Any plans for future integration with 3rd party services like Cyberark Conjure?

Resolved! Does Dynatrace monitor SSL certificate validation

Hi Folks,We have a customer who wants to monitor SSL certification validation check via dynatrace.Is it possible to monitor SSL certificate validation? I'm seeking more information from the customer about the this but this is what I got as requiremen...

AK by Advisor
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Binding ActiveGate Extension to a OneAgent Process

I am not sure if the wording of the topic title is correct, but what I did was to install a MySQL ActiveGate Extension to get additional data about MySQL database, which is also monitored natively by OneAgent. From what I see, these are not linked in...

2021-04-07 00_29_12-Technologies - Asseco See_ wjg79702 - Dynatrace.png


I have tried to change an extension metric from Milliseconds to Count. Got back the VALIDATION_ERROR_ILLEGAL_METRIC_CHANGE error.What is the best practice or possibility in this case? Create a new metric?

Kafka Offset Lag

I am working on creating a JMX plugin for Kafka metrics. I would like to see the offset lag, per topic, and per partition. I have tried numerous times and am able to create a plugin, using the "records-lag" and "records-lag-max" Confluent metric, whe...

Resolved! AMQ Artemis Monitoring

Hi, does Dynatrace monitor any queue from AMQ Artemis?Even if, while configuring the jmx plugin via Webui, I can see the addresses, queues and broker in the end the plugin itself doesn't show any data.I'm fully aware that a standard plugin exist Acti...

Resolved! JBoss Connection Pools - cannot find any documentation

Hello Dynatrace!Do you have documentation on this early adopter plugin: "JBoss Connection Pools"Previously I created my costum plugin and I'm considering to switch to the early adopter one.(Where can I eventually give a feedback on it?)Thank you

Email Plugin Dynatrace

How to upload a plugin from Github to dynatrace. Iam trying to upload the below plugin and getting the below error.https://github.com/Dynatrace/Dynatrace-AppMon-Extended-EMail-Action-Plugin Error Details:

IBM DB2 Metrics from HADR

Hello team! I am exploring DB2 extension, but couldn't find metrics about HADR.This is one interesting Alerting used to our legacy monitoring to check HADR State to ensure they are in PEER State, then if not generates an Alert. This is currently feas...

borgesm by Frequent Guest
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