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VIP for SNMP Trap


Has anyone successfully configured a VIP in front of a pair of ActiveGate for resilient SNMP Trap ingestion?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Not sure what your idea is, but some notes from my side:

  • If you have a VIP and the SNMP "load balancer" is able to send it to one of the AGs behind it, there should be no issue
  • If you send it to more than one AG , you will get repeated traps/logs in Dynatrace
  • SNMP traps are UDP based, so there is no good way for a "load balancer" to detect if traps are being received or not
  • There was an issue sometime ago where IPs with no reverse lookup would block some SNMP traps being received. Not sure if it has been resolved. Please make sure they are resolvable; in my case I had to put them in local AG host files...
  • A VIP for SNMP might be an interesting idea if you are forwarding traps to more than one platform, and don't want to change configurations on emitting devices...
Antonio Sousa



I think this is possible using a NGINX in reverse proxy mode:

TCP and UDP Load Balancing | NGINX Documentation



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