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Dynatrace CICS ZDTPLTxx upgrade

Hi team Hi teamIm using Dynatrace version 7.2 in Z/OS for CICS.For the CICS old version 5.1 , we use ZDTPLT68 in PLT list table.And now the CICS TS version upgrade to the 5.4.a.Do it need change program in PLT table from ZDTPLT68 to ZDTPLT71 ?b. ZDTP...

Resolved! Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin

There are multiple variants how to validate SSL certificates and alert on expiry. I've taken a look at all of them and missed a lack of automation. I therefor created another one that hopefully overcomes some of the limitations and is easier to use i...

r_weber by Pro
  • 21 replies
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Resolved! Dynatrace Managed vs Dynatrace Saas Environment

Hello, Does anyone know the real differences between Dynatrace Managed and Dynatrace Saas? My company is moving from Managed to SaaS and we want to know the implications and differences this procedure is going to take. I haven't found any real docume...

i_momouh by Newcomer
  • 11 replies
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