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Resolved! Which aggregation used on widgets service&key-request

Hello I do not properly understand which aggregation used for response time, load on widgets service key-request?For example I expect to see the metrics values for the selected interval - but I don't see anythingWhy ? but for example, for the interva...

metric.png metric2.png
MAkimov by Advisor
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Resolved! Changing Time Zone in DT Portal

Hi,I have a customer who has a user base in both the East Coast as well as an offshore team in India. The India team is seeing all the time presented in their Managed portal in their time zone (IST) when it would be better for them to see it in Easte...

Andy_Loth by Dynatrace Helper
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.NET Available/Active worker thread

Hi community, I'm here to ask you a clarification about the metric in the subject. In "Custom chart" section you can choose the .NET available worker threads metric that shows the number of available worker Threads into the .NET Thread pool I suppose...

Schermata 2021-03-15 alle 15.09.33.png Schermata 2021-03-15 alle 15.11.21.png

What happened with the "Publish" when sharing dashboards?

It seems like the Sharing Dashboards feature has changed. But now I can NOT publish my shared dashboards, or have I missed something? I can only share and then send a link to other users with the dashboard, why not Publish any more?!?! Also in Help i...

holst by Visitor
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monitor windows services availability

Hi everyone, I want to know if it's possible to put on a dashboard the availability of my windows services?this kind of windows services (just an example):cause I already configured the Windows services availability monitoring and when the availabili...

agdiazm by Newcomer
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Dashboard User Group Permission

There is a "new" Feature of giving User Groups Permissions to Dashboards. Now i have the following Problem: If i chose "Grant access permission" and "Specific group", there is only one group for me to choose. But i have several (around 20 Groups) con...


Resolved! Pro Tip - How to use other colors in charts and graphs!

We have had some use cases where users want to define other colors in their charts. As many of you might be aware, Dynatrace provides 5 colors with 3 different shades. that's great but sometimes the line charts tend to blur together with colors. So h...

Resolved! USQL useraction filter not working as expected

I am trying to create a table of selected key user actions with a filter based on their name. However, whatever I try to use as filter on useraction.name, the result set contains more results than the desired selection. No matter if I use useraction....


Resolved! Filter Issue within Data Explorer

Within Data Explorer, using the Mount Available (Custom Solaris Extension provided to us), we are unable to use the 'filter by' functionality if we use the mount as the filter. Running this query returns no data. Within the old Create Custom Chart, i...

sholmes by Newcomer
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Custom Chart - Group by Day

Is there a way in the metric explorer or custom charts to change the bucket size? For example, I am trying the chart the daily active users but there is no way to force the metric to be grouped daily.