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Who are DynaMights?

Having engaged Community users is extremely important for the Dynatrace Community as we’re committed to constant improvement through feedback. It’s one of the main motivation drivers and an opportunity for us to learn how we can do better and help in the best way. By seeing through customers' and partners' eyes and by close collaboration, we’re able to provide better content, a better service, and a better product.

The purpose of DynaMights – a Super User Program – is to reward those who provide crucial feedback, content, and improvements to the Dynatrace platform and the self-service around it. DynaMights are the most engaged and knowledgeable members of the Dynatrace Community. They were and are key in creating this amazing Forum, helping other members, providing extremely valuable feedback, and staying incredibly innovative. These are the people we want to recognize with a loud “THANK YOU” and to whom we want to give some well-deserved privileges.

DynaMights are global!









How can I become a DynaMight?

The best thing is: any customer or partner can become a DynaMight simply by standing out in the Dynatrace Community! 😀 Write valuable posts, interesting product ideas, tip articles for others, or answer questions of other members in the forum. Just by doing this, you can be sure that we‘ll notice you and you’ll become a strong candidate for the next iteration of the program. Having at least a “Pro” rank in the forum helps a lot, so be sure to climb up the ranking ladder!

Do you see yourself as a future DynaMight? Then keep up the good work! And don't hesitate to reach out to Community Team and other users to gain recognition in the Dynatrace Community.

Contact Community Team

What all DynaMights get?

Forum moderation permission

Exclusive preview of new features

Closed forum discussion

Dedicated SWAG

Dedicated user icon and forum badge

Early news on blog updates

Dynatrace University certification

A picture in the Hall of fame

What is the role of a DynaMight?

We consider all DynaMights as real Dynatrace and Community experts. We believe you’ll continue to be a helpful and valuable member of the Community. All DynaMights have additional moderation privileges which are purely optional – while help is always appreciated, it won’t affect your future membership in the program in any way.

Thanks for volunteering to help improve the Dynatrace Community! We’re very excited to have you join us on this journey for Dynatrace’s new user recognition program! While we are here to learn from each other and make connections, we ask that you keep this general information in mind as we engage in this private space designed for you.
Please read the full text below where you will find some important things to note (as described in more detail below):

Rules & guidelines
  • As a DynaMight you will lead by example by following our rules and guidelines and contribute to a collaborative, positive, and respectful environment in which we can all succeed.
  • Be nice, positive, and play fair - we all share the same goal! Extending knowledge and helping other Community users. Constructive criticism only. Critique the idea, not the person.
  • The DynaMights forum (an area dedicated exclusively and only to super users) is limited to the program participants and the Dynatrace Community team. If needed or wanted, participants may additionally include Dynatrace Product Managers or another needed role.
  • The Dynatrace Community team will review postings within the DynaMights forum to determine whether sharing them in the Dynatrace Open Q&A or Product Ideas would be beneficial for the broader audience. In these cases, the Dynatrace Community team will reply on the thread asking for permission from all contributors to move the post to a public forum.
  • During the previews (exclusive, dedicated meetings with Product Managers or other employees from Dynatrace), 1:1 meetings and in surveys, we may show you confidential, yet-to-be-released parts of the platform or features and you must be willing to keep those confidential.
  • We appreciate every DynaMights activity related to the Dynatrace and Community. We would love to see you:
    - replying for questions, posting, submitting product ideas, sharing best practices, tips and tricks,
    - using moderator permissions,
    - sharing information about the Community and super user program online and on Social Media,
    - take all marketing and brand advocacy actions to promote Dynatrace and Community.
  • Please be aware that Community members that stay silent for over 12 months will be excluded from the program.
Let us know if you have any questions - we're here to help!
The Dynatrace Community Team