Questions about alerting and problem detection in Dynatrace.
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Resolved! Where can I see recurring problems in one view?

Hi,Dynatrace automatically detects recurring problems. Its good that Dynatrace automatically filters out these problems in the problem view. But sometimes you want to see the recurring problems as well (for optimization purposes for example). Where c...

Service low load not working when there is no requests

I have a key service (its a payment service) so I want to know when we are not receiving requests or when the service has low load, so I decided to enable the "detect service load drops" with the follow configuration:Today we had an incident for abou...

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Alert with Unmonitored Host

Hello community, i have an host with Oneagent installed. Then, i stop Oneagent process from host console, so in Dynatrace i see this host as unmonitored (i don't shut down any other process or whole host). So, in this case Dynatrace doesn't alert me....

Dynatrace ServiceNow Integration

We are planning to integrate Dynatrace with ServiceNow ITSM module.I just want to understand below features are feasible in the integration. When the problem created in DT , Snow tickets will create automatically based on the integration but when the...

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Webhook requirements (problem integration)

Hi all,I know this community is about Dynatrace, but I was wondering if you could help me. We are going to integrate Dynatrace with ServiceNow using Webhook and we would like to know if you have some experience with this integration and what hardware...

Dynatrace RUM Alert Problem

Hi Guys, I have question about RUM,On RUM there is alert problem like HTTP Errors, Javascript Errors, and Custom ErrorsAnd on my environment i have error problem seems HTTP Errors like this# For the question is whether the alert problem http errors i...

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Resolved! Dynatrace not noticing sudden CPU increase

Hello,we have a Dynatrace SaaS instance monitoring some of our local hosts. Today at 8.40, the CPU on one of the hosts spiked from 20% (normal usage) to 70% (still is at 70%).Dynatrace didn't signal anything in the "Problems" section. Why?I'm attachi...

Tuning Dynatrace alerts

Hello,we are receiving a lot of false positives from Dynatrace (SaaS), and we want to tune alerting. Below are two examples: 1) Mobile appxxxxCrash rate increase1 affected usersApplication version 5.1.3 is affected by a crash rate increase to 13 % (w...

Custom Alerting - BatchJob Method Innvocation Count

I have defined my Batchjobs as a key service I have 3 Batchjobs,(1) runs/hour(2) runs/24hour andthe 3rd one runs/week All i want is to be alerted if the Batchjobs method invocation is <1, does not get executed in an hour or in 24 Hours & in the 3rd c...