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can i change the severity of problem to minor or major ?


Hi all ,

Think that there is a problem related to disk usage.

Let we assume that

The total available space on disk I:\ is lower than 0.5 %.

we don't want to set threshold and turn off the alert, we want to set it as a minor - It should alert and we should know that it is a minor, then we won't call the relevant system person

I am not sure if it is possible, if it is not possible right now, is there a any workaround solution to do that ?

Best Regards,




You can create a custom alert and put mayor or minor on the title or the description

After that, you can use those words as event filters to exclude from your alerting profile



Well, it is about single metric (Disk available). But, there are many minor metrics such as, response time, cpu usage, memory usage etc. In this scenario, we have to create a custom events for all possible events. In large environment, is this a useful ? I don't think so ?

You can't edit the problem card for an OOTB alert to include the word minor or major if you want to do that you need to create the custom alert.

Take a look at the predefined list of event filters or configure a custom one to exclude the alert from your alerting profile. That way, Dynatrace is going to use your current settings to detect/create the alert (in the UI), but the alert won't be sent to any of the integrations that you have defined that are using that alert profile.

thank you alonso for your answering.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Since Dynatrace has AI integrated into the platform, all problems that are raised have been evaluated via DAVIS and raised as a major issue.


Ok, i got it. Thank you Chad , for your answering