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Any plans to integrate directly to AWS Eventbridge


I see several vendors support direct integration to AWS eventbridge.  Is there an intention with Dynatrace to do the same?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Check this below link out.

Amazon EventBridge monitoring | Dynatrace Docs



I should have been more clear.  Direct integration of problem notifications to Event Bridge.  I did not mean monitoring of EventBridge but to use it for alert processing.

If event bridge support any kind of webhook integration, Dynatrace service team can give a try, but that can be taken as customization as it not out of the box and need to be tested thoroughly.



@ronmacdonald were you able to get this setup?   We are needing to receive updates from the AWS Health Dashboard for the organization.  Also hope to leverage the CloudWatch filters to generate metrics and alerts into Dynatrace from each of our accounts.  Appreciate any information you can provide.  Thanks!

sorry for the delayed response.  We ended up going down a different path of integration.  We had the same gap with AWS health dashboard and ended up using direct SNOW as it was an easier implementation.

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

It's possible to send Amazon EventBridge events to Dynatrace as an API destination. You can find example CloudFormation templates to deploy the integration here:

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