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SAP alerting when data is not available


Hello All,

We currently monitor our SAP instances using the SAP extension. I am looking into creating alerting based on when the SAP modules stop sending data.

The way I was having in mind was to set up this using the Metric events and then creating a metric for lets say CPU usage, and turn on the alerting when data is missing as seen below:


Any idea if this would work as intended, or any better ideas?


Thank you

Certified Dynatrace Associate - Senior APM Engineer - SRE/DevOps

Hi @AhmedKhaled_94 ,

On my experience it'll work as intended. I mean: you can create a metric event using metric selector for a CPU usage metric as you said defining a threshold and enable "Alert on missing data" also.


So it triggers an alert if the threshold is above an assigned value or the metric doesn´t return data.

Hope it helps.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @AhmedKhaled_94 
If your goal is alert when data is not available, your best option is " Alert on missing data". I agree

Some tips important that you need to know are : 

🎯 One tip



It is important to know the warning rule also applies to this option.
It means that for the alert to be passed automatically, it must meet the "Dealerting samples" parameter.
For the example its necessary to pass 5 minutes with data, to alert close automatically ( without interruptions)

🎯 Second Tip
Also its important evaluate the delayed data because some times in integrations exist this escenario


I hope help you 💪


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