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How to map problems to incident tickets with appropriate priority?


Hello Team,


I would like your support in order to know how we can set or adjust Dynatrace so we can get enough information to create incident tickets (MF Service Manager) with appropriate priority (P4,P3,P2 or P1), because as in a majority of these tools the priority is based on impact urgency. I appreciate your suggestions.


Thank you





Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @cgvasc ,


You can surely control the priority of the problems raised by Dynatrace through the AlertingProfile. What I mean is based on your requirement such as impact/urgency, you can control the type of alerts => "Event types" and urgency of notification  (like if the problem is open for a set of time), problem notification will be pushed by Dynatrace to the respective ticketing tool. For example:



Please have a look at the following document which will guide you to create your respective alerting profile and problem notification to link to the alerting profile.


Kind regards,

Hi @abhi,

We are facing the same issue regarding the priority level of incidents are set to P2 by default in Service Now tool.

Can I please know from where did you set the impact and urgency level and the snippet you shared? I'm unable to find the settings or the option which you mentioned.

If you'll guide me on this, it will be very helpful,



You can add manual/automatic tags for entities, for example, host A is P2, service B is P1... And creating alerting profiles matching those tags.

Problems have impacted entities tags.

Best regards

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What about mapping P1-P4 based on duration and impact level?
duration 30min + error rate 10% P2
duration 30min + error rate 20% P1
What is an elegant solution for this?
Use event types for severity instead of SLA levels... very discussable approach since it is just types of problems

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