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Limitation of max 5 metrics in new dashboards

Frequent Guest

I have 6 custom metrics which I'm extracting from logfiles. I need to visualise all 6 of these metrics separately, but, I also need to be able to perform some calculations against them for some charts. I can do this in Data Explorer, and I can create a chart inside Classic Dashboards which displays what I want it to.

However, I cannot do the same in the new Dashboard view, the error returned is quite clear:


"errorMessage": "You can only use up to 5 different metric keys."


1) Is that a 5 a hard limit or can it be raised? Will it increase in the future?

2) Can I work around this via a better method? I could perhaps extract a new metric from the logs which contains all the pattern matching of each of the 6 metrics, but that feels silly. Duplication of work, plus, if the logs ever change I'd have to update both spots.

3) Can I create a new custom metric, based off of my 6 custom metrics? That way I could just use that single metric in my chart/dashboards.



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