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Community Team
Community Team

There are tens of thousands of questions, product ideas, and other types of content in the Dynatrace forumsThankfully, there are many options to quickly find the specific content that you need. 



This is the quickest way to find information that you are looking for in the Dynatrace Community. 

Each page has a search bar at the top of the page. Use it to find any type of post (including ideas, questions, and articles), as well as users and places in the forums. Just type what youre looking for and press Enter to see results. 


Suggestions are displayed as you type in the search bar, which can save you some time. 


If you go to the search results page, you’ll see options to sort the results:  

  • Best match 
  • Date 
  • Number of views 
  • Number of kudos (likes) 
  • Number of replies 



You can also narrow your search by these options: 

  • Location in the forum 
  • Author of the content 
  • Date 
  • Metadata (if the question was solved, and has a best answer or the post was kudosed/liked) 
  • Type of post (whether it is a question, idea, blog post, TKB, or just a normal post in the forum) 
  • Contains (image, video, or attachment) 



If you want to narrow your search even further, you can use advanced search modifiers in the search bar: 

  • Use quotes to search for an "exact phrase" 
  • Use the plus sign to search for +one +or +more +words 
  • Use the minus sign to -exclude -certain -words from your search 

You can also use “Advanced Search” to set up how search results are displayed: 

  • Ithe form of a topic or post 
  • Number of posts to display per page 
  • Whether you want to see the topics without replies 

When you search for a question, search results show you if it has an accepted answer or not. 



If you are not looking for a particular post and are more interested in a specific topic, you can just use the top navigation to go to a particular subforum 


We’ve restructured the forum list so that you can find searched topics in the fastest way possible. The most popular subjects, like Dashboards or Alerting, now have their own place. At glance, youre able to see what are the hottest discussions for the topic at the moment and what other users are asking about. 

You can subscribe to each subforum, so tracking subject youre interested in is easier than ever.  


Herethe complete Dynatrace Community structure: 


Open Q&A 

Using Dynatrace 

  • Dynatrace Open Q&A – a Q&A forum for any Dynatrace-related questions. Post them here if they don’t fit into any specific subforum. 
  • Alerting – everything related to alerting and problem detection. Configuration, custom alerts – all in one place. 
  • Dashboarding – everything about Dynatrace dashboards and charts. 
  • Real User Monitoring – all topics around RUM, user session monitoring, and key user actions. 
  • Synthetic Monitoring – everything about browser monitors, HTTP monitors, synthetic locations, and other synthetic monitoring topics. 

Tips and Tricks 

  • Getting Started - all basic questions answered in one place. A great starting point for new Community members! 
  • Best Practices - a crowd-sourced knowledge base with the best practices shared by Dynatrace users. 
  • Dynatrace Tips – various tips, tricks, and workarounds for Dynatrace.  

Classic Products 

  • AppMon & UEM – an Open Q&A forum for AppMon users.  
  • Network Application Monitoring – an Open Q&A forum for NAM users. 

Product Ideas 

  • Dynatrace Product Ideas – the most innovative space in the entire Community and the kingdom of the Dynatrace Product Managers. Here you vote on and submit product ideas for Dynatrace. 
  • Roadmaps – a place for all roadmap topics on which we work together with our Community members. 
  • Feedback channel – a single place for the topics where we proactively ask for your use cases before we implement the new solution. 

Extending Dynatrace 

  • Extensions – all topics around plugins, extensions, or apps, including extensions shared by our Community members. 
  • REST API – everything about how to use the Dynatrace’s REST API to get the most out of Dynatrace.  
  • Integrations - everything about integrating Dynatrace with 3rd party tools and applications. 
  • Developer Community - a forum dedicated to the Developer Program. 

Community Connect 

  • Community news – all Community updates in one place: monthly newsletter, forum upgrades, new forum features, Community announcements and awards. 
  • Community challenges – a space dedicated for Community challenges. Follow it to be notified about the new ones! 
  • Community discussions – everything around the Dynatrace Community: questions, ideas, suggestions, issues, informal discussions, as well as questions about other support resources. 
  • Community user guide - Community Guidelines and useful tips and tricks for using Forum