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Directory size monitoring


Hello Experts,

I want to monitor the size of daram folder or directory as mentioned below in Linux server.

(eg : root/data/audit/kafkar/daram)

I am getting the size of all files inside the daram when I give (root/data/audit/kafkar/daram/*) but not the exact daram directory size.

Please suggest a solution to the same as I wanted alert when folder size increases/decreases.

I am using filesystem monitoring extension.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you are already using the file system monitoring extension and it does not bring you the necessary data, you must generate an API-ingested metric. If the host that contains the folder already has OneAgent, you can ingest from that computer with the DDUs included per host to generate the metric. Please create a script and use the command:


du -s YOUR_DIRECTORY or du -s /YOUR_DIRECTORY depending on your linux distro


then you can parse the output and ingest it using the Dynatrace OA Metrics API.

After that you can set a Metric Event to raise the alert you need.

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