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MS SQL Remote Extension creating two instances for every configuration


We currently are using the Remote MS SQL 1.2.5 extension and looking to migrate to 2.2.2. When testing the new extension, we are finding that it is creating two instances for each configuration. One instance is named:


This instance has all of the SQL metrics but NO databases listed and is not linked to the host. It has these properties:

Connection URL:
IP Address:
Instance name:
Server name:
CPU count:
Physical memory (KB):
CPU Hyperthreading ratio:
Virtal machine type:

The second instance is named:

INSTANCENAME (via: IP Address)

It has all of the databases and is linked to the host but NO SQL metrics . It has these properties:

OneAgent Host:
Connection URL:
Instance name:


V 1.2.5 has some odd naming for instances but it kept them all as a single entity. Wondering if anyone has seen this or know why the extension might be doing this.


- David


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Thank you for reporting this. If you haven't already, please create a Zendesk ticket and feel free to drop me an email at vagiz.duseev at so that I include it into the list of monitored issues.

This seems to be a regression that could have been recently introduced. We have the same problem reported for one other customer. Pending investigation.

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