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Can you confirm the poll cycle time in Dynatrace OneAgent ? I believe it is every 10 min, is that correct?


Need to know the data polling time for OneAgent as SaaS solution. I have seen a delay of upto 10mins in capturing User Sessions during a real time troubleshooting session. Once the data populates, the timestamp is correct though.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Real user monitoring has delay not because of polling. Those data need to be processed on server side to display them. Sometimes it’s faster than 10 mins. Agent in general is sending data constantly in small chunks as I know.


Regards, Sebastian

Also, you may also not see full user sessions populated in real time because they have not ended. A user session ends when:

  • When the user closes their browser
  • Following 30 min of inactivity
  • Following 6 hours of activity
  • Once the limit of 200 user actions per session is reached.
  • Calling the JavaScript API function dtrum.endSession(

In that case, what is the best approach for live troubleshooting ?

Server side data are almost instant. Rum needs few minutes but it not always 10 minutes. Most cases it is 2-3 minutes. Session doesn’t have to be ended to see it on Dynatrace.


Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Just to add more information on OneAgent polling with the assumption that everything is under completely normal circumstances (you know, it's IT so anything could happen):

  • Mobile native user sessions:- data are flushed on a 1-min time interval
  • Browser user sessions:- every instance (unless % capture activated)
  • Infrastructure metrics (process to host level):- every 10 secs
  • Server-side transactions (think of PurePaths):- every instance (provided no ATM activated)

That being said, the speed of these data being displayed in Dynatrace is really depending on the server side. OneAgent's main job is to collect data, but the brain has to do all the crunching and analysis. With a big brain, probably it can be a little faster. 😉

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