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Alerting Profile for Log Metric events


I want to create an Alert base off a Log Metric and attache to an Alerting Profile.

I was able to do the following

1. Create Log Metrics: Settings-> Log Monitoring -> Metric Extraction -> Add Metric (with the log search criteria)
2. Create Metric Event: Settings -> Anomaly Detection -> Metric Event -> Add Metric Event (with the created log metric)

I could see the respective alerts in the problem view but it has alerting profile as `default` which means the alert will not be sent to Opsgenie integration we have with specific Alerting Profile.

I understand i only need to add some Tag and add Management Zone but i cant seem to find where and how to do that, maybe i am missing something


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey ajiboduemmanuel,
What are the rules on the alerting profile? Is it possible that the alert didn't last long enough or was the wrong type to fit into the desired profile?

As for tags/management zones I'm not sure how that would work as they're normally retrieved from the entity the metric comes from but in this case, being a log metric, I'm not sure that it is possible. It might be if one of the metric dimensions is a taggable entity.

The alerting profile has the following which currently works for other setups
Management zone: Prod
Problem severity level: Custom (set same in metric event type)
Filter problems by tag: Only include entities that have any tags (added Team tag)

So i think its maybe an issue with it been a log metric,  can you help with a resource to create the taggable dimension entity


Hello @ajiboduemmanuel ,

Did you find a solution? I have the same challenge


Hi, any luck with this one. I'm stuck on this same issue.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @ajiboduemmanuel after you have the metric extraction and the associated metric event you  can do this:



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