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Alerting Profiles that based on Management Zone

Right now:

1. Alerting Profiles can utilize tagging feature

2. Management Zone can utilize tagging feature.

3. But, Alerting Rules cannot utilize Management Zone.

Is there any way I can create alerting rules based on management zone? Reason being, if the management zone uses a lot of tag for filtering (and if there are a lot of management zones), then creation of alerting profiles by selecting the many same tags again can be tedious.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi Wai,

It is not possible to create an alerting alert profile based on the Management Zone configuration at the moment.

You can create alert profile like you wrote above (


Have a nice day!

Hi Radoslaw,


By the way, I just realized I might make another mistake while I was asking the question.In the question I said "Management Zone can utilize tagging feature"

It SEEMS LIKE management zone can't utilize tagging feature. Would any community member kind enough to confirm for me?

Hi Wai,

You should be able to use existing tags to define your Management Zones. They specific properties are "Service tags", "Process group tags", "Host tags" and "Custom device tags".


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